In The Week in Technology, the Government throws money and bodies at their problems (as usual), Apple launches new iPads, and Starbucks’ appliances get smarter.

Obama Hope Sticker

Obama "hopes" will be fixed quickly

The Government’s Way of Fixing – Throw Bodies at It!

We’ve heard about all the problems plaguing the health insurance exchange website since its launch on October 1. This week the government announced a “tech surge”, its plan to solve the site’s problems by throwing more software engineers (likely government contractors) at them.

Venture capitalist Brad Feld states that this is a terrible solution and proposes his own answer, which entails firing all the contractors, hiring Harper Reed and giving him full control, and scaling back the scope. But can the government act like a lean startup? Fat chance.

Apple Introduces New iPads

As expected, Apple introduced its newest iPad models at their launch event on Tuesday.

The first was the iPad Air, which is super-thin and weighs only one pound; Apple claims that it’s the lightest full-size tablet in the world. The new iPad starts at $499 and will debut on November 1. The second was the new iPad mini, which now sports the Retina display of its big brother. Its price will now start at $399 and it is expected to hit shelves later in November.

Apple also announced that its new operating system, OS X Mavericks, will be free. Additional announcements involved the launch of new MacBook Pros, desktop Mac Pro, and various software packages like iMovie, iPhoto, Garage Band and the iLife and iWork suites.

Read more in the San Jose Mercury News.

Starbucks Jumps on the Internet of Things Bandwagon

Starbucks has always been on the forefront of technology, being one of the first to provide free wi-fi to customers and innovating with mobile payments. Now they’re getting involved with the Internet of Things by installing more connected coffee makers that remember customer preferences and smart fridges that notify employees when milk goes bad.

Robot baristas are next.

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