The Thorn Tech “Week in Technology” is a new blog series that will recap some of the most interesting mobile and technology stories during the past week.

This week’s stories cover a big win and a lot of failure. Twitter’s IPO filing is hugely positive but is contrasted by the failure of the U.S. Government, the slow, painful demise of Blackberry, and a negative trend on paid mobile apps.

Twitter Files for IPO

Whoa. Twitter files for IPO and looks to raise $1 billion, which will make many people, including founders Ev Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone, very, very rich.

The SEC filing suggests a company valuation of nearly $10 billion. The company states that 75% of its users access the service on their mobile devices and 65% of their revenue comes from mobile ads, proving that the company was built for and is truly mobile.

Government Shutdown’s Impact on Tech

So, yeah, the federal government shut down this week for the first time in 17 years. What does that mean? Some non-essential government employees had to hand in their smartphones and various agency websites are down. But more importantly, with 3.3 million government employees impacted, a lengthy shutdown may negatively impact retail spending, especially in a season where mobile commerce is expected to reach new highs. Retailers can’t be happy with Congress.

Is Blackberry Done?

While Apple sold 9 million iPhones over a weekend, Blackberry only sold 5.9 million phones all of last quarter, with fewer than 2 million being their newer phones running on BB10. The company is up for sale, and is even trying to cut costs by selling their property. The company looks like it’s done, and the mobile operating system battle might now be a 2.5 horse race (Windows Phone only kinda counts).

Are Paid Apps Done?

TechCrunch highlights how paid mobile apps are pretty much done, with the exception of a few apps with high utility. With the plethora of “good enough” free apps on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, fewer smartphone users are shelling out cash to download apps. I think I’ve paid for one app (FoxFi, which turns my phone into a WiFi hotspot) my entire smartphone-using life, and I imagine I’m not alone here.

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