Happy Black Friday and we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This holiday week is typically slow on news but we still gathered a few stories for you to read while waiting on line to buy Christmas gifts.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday…When Will You Shop?

While Black Friday is widely considered the start of the holiday shopping season, a study by Nielsen reports that only 15% of consumers plan to shop today. Does it look that way with the line you’re standing on right now?

Meanwhile, 46% of consumers stated that they’ll shop on Cyber Monday, a significant jump from the 30% from last season.

If you’re not sure when to shop this weekend, check out this guide by DailyFinance.com that breaks down what to buy when to save the most money. If you’re a Cyber Monday fan, check out CyberMonday.com for great deals from the largest retailers. Finally, if you’re a bleeding-edge tech shopper and want to use Bitcoin to fund your purchases, check out BitcoinBlackFriday.com, where more than 400 online retailers have offered deals.

Happy shopping!

Yahoo Hires Katie Couric as Global Anchor

For years, people have wondered if Yahoo! is a technology or media company, as the company’s strategy seemed to shift with every change in CEO. By appointing Katie Couric as Global Anchor, that question is still unanswered.

The hiring of Marissa Mayer as top dog, with her engineering background and Google chops, made pundits lean towards Yahoo! being a tech company, and her focus on improving the company’s mobile offerings seemed to confirm that. But maybe it’s the wrong question to ask.

Mayer’s strategy has focused on providing compelling user experiences for repetitive daily habits like reading about the news, weather, finance and sports, and monetizing these experiences. Whether the company achieves this by improving its technology or hiring big media stars is irrelevant. Couric, serving as the face of Yahoo! News, will be another reason for people to keep visiting and spending time on the site’s properties, which is exactly what the company is trying to achieve.

Obama Delays Launch of Small Business Healthcare Exchange Website

Taking another hit against his healthcare reform plan, President Obama has announced that the launch of the small business online healthcare exchange will be delayed until November 2o14. Meanwhile, Republicans load ammo into their political guns.

The delay is just one of many issues with the disastrous launch of the Healthcare.gov website. Offline processes for businesses with fewer than 50 employees to purchase insurance remain, but the public’s confidence in Obamacare wains.

Have you read other interesting mobile and technology stories this week that are worth mentioning? Feel free to add them in the comments.

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