It’s been a busy week in technology! Nielsen now can measure mobile viewing, Twitter adds images directly into users’ feeds, a woman gets a traffic ticket wearing Google Glass, and the big tech companies release their Q3 results.

Nielsen To Include Mobile Viewing in TV Ratings

Viewership of television shows is increasingly moving from the TV to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and now Nielsen can measure it.

On Monday, Nielsen launched a software developers kit (SDK) to allow its broadcasting clients to measure the number of viewers who are watching on mobile devices. With the SDK, broadcasters will be closer to a true measurement of total number of viewers across all platforms, giving them a more accurate number to pitch to advertisers.

The SDK will be available mid-November and viewership metrics will be incorporated into the Fall 2014 TV ratings, which means that all the time I spend watching “So You Think You Can Dance” on my iPad won’t get measured until next year.

You can read Nielsen’s press release here.

Twitter Adds Images and Video to Your Feed

With its impending IPO, Twitter joins Facebook in the mad rush to get more visual and has added images and videos directly into users’ feeds.

While the company claims that this new feature will help users enjoy their friends’ images and videos more easily, it’s clearly a way for Twitter to sell more interactive advertisements. The jury is still out on whether Tweeps will be happy that their feeds are more visual, or annoyed that banner ads are clogging up what was once an extremely clean interface. There’s already been a little bit of outcry but my guess is that users eventually won’t care and Twitter will continue to rake in the dough.

Read more at the New York Times.

Woman Receives Traffic Ticket for Wearing Google Glass


A woman in California who was pulled over for speeding also received a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving.

Cecilia Abadie received the citation on Tuesday while driving in San Diego and posted it on her Google+ profile. The officer cited a broad law that “prohibits televisions and similar monitors from being turned on and facing the driver.”

The question is whether Google Glass is “a similar monitor,” since it can also be considered a navigation tool, which is allowed under most state laws.

What do you think? Was the officer right or wrong to give her the ticket?

Read more about it at CNN.

Tech Titans Google, Apple, LinkedIn, and Facebook Report Quarterly Results

Google exceeded expectations in the third quarter by posting $14.8 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $10.34, but revenues from Motorola continue to plummet. The company has been investing heavily into newer ventures, such as Google Glass and self-driving cars, as growth of its core ad business is slowing.

Apple had another solid quarter, as it reported earnings results of $37.5 billion in revenue, profits of $7.5 billion and earnings per share of $8.67. In terms of devices, the company sold:

  • 33.8 million iPhones, a 26% increase from the 26.9 million sold a year ago
  • 14.1 million iPads, a tiny uptick from 14.0 million
  • 4.6 million Macs, down slightly from the 4.9 million sold a year ago

Meanwhile, social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn also reported their Q3 results. Facebook’s success in mobile led to a revenue jump of 60%, advertising profit growth of 66%, and a 45% bump in mobile users. LinkedIn reported that it now has 259 million monthly active users, trailing Facebook and Google+ but ahead of Twitter.

The big guys are only getting bigger.

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