It’s been a roller coaster ride in this week in tech. Twitter flies high with its IPO while Blackberry scrambles for options. Google launches a potentially game-changing product, while Blockbuster says goodbye to retail.

Twitter IPOs on Wall Street

The blue bird soared in its IPO yesterday. The initial offering price was $26 per share, the first trade was made at $45.10, and trading ended at $44.90 per share, for a 73% increase. Originally valued at $18.1 billion, Twitter is now worth over $31 billion.

Now the pressure’s on the company to continue to grow and monetize to justify that sky-high valuation.

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Blackberry Fails Again

While Twitter celebrates, Blackberry remains down in the dumps. The company called off its sale and ousted its CEO on Monday. Instead of a $4.7 billion buyout, a group of investors will invest another $1 billion in the struggling phone maker. That doesn’t look like a smart bet.

Google Helpouts Launches

Google launched a new product called Helpouts, which allows users to access real-time advice from experts via video on a number of subjects, such as fitness, home improvement, and even healthcare. Providers are able to set their own prices, with Google taking a 20% cut of revenues.

This is going to be a gamechanger. Like many other service marketplaces such as 99designs and ODesk, Helpouts will allow users to access the services they need (but in real-time) and providers to make some money off of their expertise. It’s going to change the way large corporations provide customer service, as well.

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Blockbuster Says Adios to Retail

When was the last time you rented a video from Blockbuster, or even saw a Blockbuster retail store? Yeah, I thought so.

Dish Network, Blockbuster’s parent company, announced that they’re shuttering its last remaining stores but will maintain the brand name as they expand digital offerings.

Netflix has won.

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