The week after a holiday is always a good one for news and announcements. This week, we recap how much we all bought on Cyber Monday, Amazon’s impending army of drones, Google competing in the crowded cloud space, and a big Apple purchase.

Amazon Testing Delivery of Packages by Drones

Uhh…what? This week Amazon pulled the curtains back on the development of Amazon Prime Air, where packages are delivered to customers’ doorsteps via aerial drones. Check out the video here:


While there are plenty of issues with drone delivery, Amazon says that they will be technologically ready to launch Prime Air at the end of 2015, when the Federal Aviation Administration expects to put the proper regulations for the use of commercial drones in place. The thought of little flying robots delivering packages is pretty crazy and cool at the same time.

Google Officially Launches Compute Engine

While the company has been previewing its cloud infrastructure services for the last 18 months, it officially launched Google Compute Engine (GCE) to the general public on Monday.

Google has some work to do to catch up. Amazon Web Services is the undisputed leader in cloud services, while Microsoft Azure and IBM’s SoftLayer are big players as well. Google is starting this war with significant price cuts for many of its services; they’ve discounted online data storage and computer processing by 10 percent and its high-end data storage prices by 60 percent. This is surely a battle worth watching as the cloud computing market continues to grow.

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Apple Buys Topsy Labs

Apple has purchased Topsy Labs, a social media analytics company that has access to and analyzes Twitter’s firehose of tweets, for over $200 million.

Topsy has access to Twitter’s data dating back to its inception in 2006, and the blue bird actually uses Topsy’s tweet search engine to monitor highly-tweeted pop culture events. No one is sure how Apple will integrate Topsy, but some speculate that the firm’s analytics capabilities can be used to better target ads for the iAd program, more thoroughly analyze purchase activity in the App Store, and even help make recommendations in Apple TV.

Cyber Monday Results

The results are in – Cyber Monday remains the largest online shopping day of the year and set a new record, growing over 20% from last season, per IBM.

Mobile shopping was a big reason for the overall sales growth. Mobile traffic accounted for 31.7% of all online traffic, and sales from mobile devices exceeded 17% of all online purchases. And while smartphones led tablets in traffic, the latter drove nearly 12% of all online sales, more than double that of smartphones.

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