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This week we cover the hacking of Ashley Madison, the launch of, Lyft and Starbucks’ partnership, and the earnings results of Yahoo, Apple, and Microsoft.

Extramarital affair website Ashley Madison hacked

Uh oh, cheaters, you’re in deep trouble.

The online cheating site Ashley Madison was hacked to the ire of its 37 million members.

The hackers identified themselves as “Impact Team” and said that they hacked Ashley Madison because of its “full delete” service that allows members to completely erase their profile for a $19 fee. Impact Team claims that this service is an utter lie and that users’ purchase details, such as name and address, aren’t fully removed.

The hackers threatened to post user information online if Ashley Madison and related site Established Men were not shut down. And on Wednesday, they followed through with that threat by publicly identifying a Massachusetts man as an Ashley Madison user. That dude’s world is over.

Your move, Ashley Madison. launches to take on Amazon

An ex-employee is trying to take down Amazon with the launch of

Marc Lore, who sold to Amazon in 2010, is on the warpath against his past employer. is a combination of Amazon and Costco, where customers can find “the lowest prices on everything” online but will have to pay a $50 per year membership and likely buy in bulk to attain savings.

The website even directly compares its prices to Amazon’s.

Like its primary competitor, will allow partner retailers to sell their products on its site and will collect a commission for each sale. But instead of keeping the commission, Jet will pass it on to shoppers in the form of discounts. Jet expects shoppers to save $150 per year, and if any customer saves less than the $50 membership fee, that person will receive a refund for the difference.

It’s been a while since anyone has threatened Amazon’s stronghold on e-commerce, but Jet is certainly making waves in its attempt.

Starbucks partners with Lyft on loyalty program

Starbucks continues to partner with tech companies to improve its already innovative loyalty program, My Starbucks Rewards.

The coffee chain announced a partnership with Lyft, launching later this year, where customers can earn “Stars” toward free coffee with every ride.

Both Lyft and Starbucks employees may benefit from this deal as well. Lyft riders will be able to give drivers free Starbucks drinks, and the two companies will test a program where Starbucks employees can score free rides to and from work.

This partnership opens up doors to working together on coffee delivery as well.

Lyft joins the NY Times and Spotify as recent technology partners in Starbucks’ loyalty program.

Yahoo, Apple, and Microsoft release ambivalent earnings

Three tech giants released their earnings this week to mixed reactions.

Overall, Yahoo beat net revenue expectations but missed on earnings per share. Its revenue from mobile, native and social grew significantly but its search and display ad businesses continued to decline. Yahoo also reported an expected slow quarter in in Q3, which sent it stock down a little.

Apple reported 33% revenue growth and 45% earnings growth over the same quarter last year, and $202 billion in cash, yet its shares dropped 7% as iPhone and Watch sales didn’t meet analyst expectations. Man, tough crowd.

Finally, Microsoft reported its biggest losses ever due to the write-off of its purchase of Nokia, but earnings per share topped analysts expectations. Everyone will be watching Microsoft next week and beyond as they launch Windows 10.

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