The Infrastructure as Code Handbook

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The ability to click a few buttons to provision cloud servers, databases, and other infrastructure has led to an increase in developer productivity we’ve never seen before.

While it’s easy to spin up simple cloud architectures, mistakes can easily be made provisioning complex ones. Human error will always be present, especially when you can launch cloud infrastructure by clicking buttons on a web app.

The only way to avoid these kinds of errors is through automation, and Infrastructure as Code is helping engineers automatically launch cloud environments quickly and without mistakes.

If you’re not familiar with IaC, you might have these questions:

  • What is IaC and what are its benefits?
  • What are the best practices of IaC?
  • What are popular IaC tools that I can use?
  • What is AWS CloudFormation and how can I apply it to my development process?

Download our free eBook to answer these questions. Included in the eBook are three AWS CloudFormation scripts to help you:

  • Create a virtual private cloud
  • Integrate S3, EC2, and IAM
  • Launch a Redshift stack

We hope you enjoy!

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