Easily SFTP your files to Amazon S3

SFTP Gateway lets you easily and securely upload your files to Amazon S3 via SFTP and simplifies file-based interfaces for your AWS application.

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Key Features

Simple Deployment

Deploy an SFTP Gateway instance with a few clicks from the AWS Marketplace as a single AMI or using the CloudFormation template.


SFTP Gateway is self-configuring and automatically creates required AWS resources including S3 buckets, IAM Roles, and Security Groups.

Minimal Administration

SFTP Gateway comes with command line scripts to easily create or delete new FTP users. Secured SFTP user directories and SSH key pairs are automatically generated.

Highly Secure

SFTP Gateway is configured with the appropriate security settings, which comply with corporate security policies that require key-based SFTP file transfers.

Reliable for Production Environments

SFTP Gateway does not require a virtual file system mount or permanent connection to S3, making it more reliable for production environments.

Ideal for Automated Integration

Couple SFTP Gateway with S3 events and Lambda for automated integration between your AWS application and external or third-party systems.

Bidirectional file sharing

Files uploaded via SFTP Gateway are stored on S3, and files stored on S3 can be downloaded via SFTP.

Server-Side Encryption

SFTP Gateway allows for server-side encryption using SSE-S3, KMS, or SSE-C.

Configurable buckets and paths

SFTP Gateway allows you to configure S3 buckets and paths so you can push files to specific end users.

Start SFTPing your files to Amazon S3 in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would find SFTP Gateway useful?
SFTP Gateway is ideal for a solution architect or development lead who is designing a new AWS application or migrating an existing application to AWS and is required to maintain legacy file-based interfaces with several independent or third-party systems.
How is SFTP Gateway different from other S3-based file system products?
The SFTP Gateway uses a different approach than other products. Rather than using a permanent mount or virtual file system, it monitors file descriptors as new files are written to SFTP directories. Once the file transfer is finished and the file descriptor is closed, it pushes the entire file to an S3 bucket.
How much does SFTP Gateway cost?

SFTP Gateway costs $0.06 per hour for all EC2 instance types and AWS regions. This does not include the hourly cost of using EC2.

How do I install SFTP Gateway?
It takes less than 10 minutes to set up SFTP Gateway!

You can watch this instructional video or read our knowledge base for installation instructions.

Need more info?

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