Easily SFTP your files to Azure Blob Storage

SFTP Gateway for Azure lets you easily and securely upload your files to Azure Blob Storage via SFTP. 

Key Features

Simple Deployment

Deploy an instance with a few clicks from the Azure Marketplace in just 11 minutes!

Highly Secure

SFTP Gateway for Azure is secure by default, using SSH public key authentication out of the box. 

Bidirectional File Sharing

Uploaded files are stored on Blob Storage, and files stored on Blob Storage can be downloaded via SFTP.

Minimal Administration

Use SFTP Gateway for Azure’s simple, easy-to-use web portal to create and manage SFTP users, or leverage our API for easy scripting.

Configurable Containers and Paths

SFTP Gateway for Azure allows you to configure Blob Storage containers and paths so you can push files to specific end users.

Reliable for Production Environments

SFTP Gateway for Azure does not require permanent connection to Blob Storage, making it more reliable for production environments.

Start SFTPing your files to Blob Storage in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would find SFTP Gateway for Azure useful?

SFTP Gateway for Azure is ideal for a solution architect or DevOps engineer who needs an easy, secure solution to upload and share files to Azure Blob Storage. 

SFTP Gateway for Azure can facilitate file sharing between internal teams or external clients.

How is SFTP Gateway for Azure different from other SFTP products?

SFTP Gateway for Azure uses a different approach than other products. Rather than using a permanent mount or virtual file system, it monitors file descriptors as new files are written to SFTP directories. Once the file transfer is finished and the file descriptor is closed, it pushes the entire file to an Azure Blob container.

How much does SFTP Gateway for Azure cost?

SFTP Gateway for Azure costs $0.06 per hour per core for all virtual machine instance types and Azure regions. This does not include the hourly cost of using virtual machines.

How do I install SFTP Gateway for Azure?

It takes only 8 minutes to set up SFTP Gateway for Azure!

You can watch this instructional video or read our knowledge base for installation instructions.

Need more info?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions or if you’d like to receive updates on SFTP Gateway for Azure, feel free to drop us a line anytime at azure-support@thorntech.com or fill out the form below. Hope to hear from you soon!