Autoscale your WordPress site on AWS

Make your AWS-hosted WordPress site both scalable and performant with our auto-scalable WordPress configuration

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One-click Deployment

The one-click CloudFormation template automatically provisions the entire infrastructure, including deployment of the server, network, database, content delivery network, and access roles.

Improves the Speed of Your Website

WP CloudStack makes your website fast by leveraging the CloudFront content delivery network and NGINX to cache and quickly deliver your images and CSS.

Easy Monitoring and Administration

WP Cloud Stack pre-installs memory monitoring tools and includes the WP command line for ease of administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would find WP Cloud Stack useful?

WP Cloud Stack is ideal for a WordPress administrator whose site’s servers are buckling under frequent traffic bursts. WP Cloud Stack leverages infrastructure from AWS that allows auto-scalability to meet spiky demand but then ramps down in periods of lower traffic. 

How is SFTP Gateway different from other S3-based file system products?

The SFTP Gateway uses a different approach than other products. Rather than using a permanent mount or virtual file system, it monitors file descriptors as new files are written to SFTP directories. Once the file transfer is finished and the file descriptor is closed, it pushes the entire file to an S3 bucket.

How much does SFTP Gateway cost?

SFTP Gateway costs $0.05 per hour for all EC2 instance types and AWS regions. This does not include the hourly cost of using EC2.

Need more info?

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