Training Seminars

We Share Our Knowledge With Others

As expert mobile app developers and established software engineers, we are driven to share our knowledge and expertise with others to promote greater understanding and to improve the industry as a whole.

Public Events

We speak at local meetups and community events on mobile development with a focus on best-practices for Android development.

Corporate Speaking Engagements

We also give presentations for local companies that are customized for their business objectives and for the technologies that they intend to employ.

One-On-One Consultations

In addition to providing training in a group setting, we also provide direct consultations for developers and key business stake-holders.  Usually, we get involved when a company is looking to bring a new mobile product to market , or when they are considering the purchase or license of specific software.

Looking For a Speaker or Consultation?

If you would like us to speak at an upcoming public event or if you would like to arrange a private training or consultation session for your company, please feel to contact us and let’s talk about it.