iOS Apps ( iPhone / iPad )

We develop Apple iOS apps for iPhone and iPad devices

All of Apple’s mobile product line including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch run on the iOS operating system.

Apple is continuing to refine their product offerings with retina displays and larger form-factors as well the additional capabilities built into each successive version of their operating system.

Thorn Technologies stays up to date with the latest Apple mobile devices and excels at producing adaptive experiences that function across all iOS hardware.  We follow a standard approach using Objective C and Xcode to write native iOS apps and generally avoid third-party development tools in order to maintain the highest quality user experience.

Here are some of the ways that Thorn Technologies can help:

  • Requirements analysis and wire-framing
  • User experience design following Apple’s iOS UI guidelines
  • Native iOS app development using Objective-C
  • Testing on physical devices as well as on simulators
  • Assistance submitting apps to the Apple App Store
  • Optional monitoring, maintenance, and support contracts