Content Management Systems

We Use Content Management Systems Effectively

According to the Water&Stone 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the top three Content Management Systems and they far exceed their other competition in market share.

All of three of these solutions are backed by PHP and MySQL, which Thorn Technologies has adopted as its standard for CMS development.  We use Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress extensively, and have become experts on these platforms. In addition, we have designed custom Content Management Systems using Java and Grails that support geolocation to serve location specific content for mobile apps and mobile websites.

We are familiar with existing plugins, themes, and widgets which we use regularly, but we understand that clients demand more than just someone to configure their system.  We also develop our own custom themes and components to create unique experiences for our clients and their customers.


We recommend WordPress to our clients as a clean and simple solution for blogs and company sites that do not have much complexity.  For this type of website, WordPress offers the best performance and simplest site maintenance.


For more demanding sites that have a high-degree of interaction or those that incorporate e-commerce, we prefer to use Drupal as the platform of choice.  Drupal is well known for its scalability and extent to which it can be completely customized.  It is the platform of choice for many government sites including


As an alternative for more complicated sites, clients sometimes request Joomla as their Content Management System of choice.  Joomla has comparable features to Drupal, and although our preference is Drupal, we deliver sites of equal quality in Joomla.